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                           V Series Bowls


V stands for "vertical" as in vertical layers.


 No flashy wild grain or burl patterns here.  I choose the main wood slab based primarily on the natural beauty of the grain.


 The V series bowl shapes are minimalist and simpler than the other laminated pieces using a limited number of layersThough understated the layers do add another visually interesting dimension to the bowl without overpowering the beauty of the wood.


  Some of these bowls start out as a slab of hardwood which I cut and then add a sandwich of  layers of contrasting colored woods and veneers.


 For others I remove a 3/16" slice, wrap it with colored veneer and hardwood layers, and glue it back together.


 After the glued-up bowl blank cures I turn it on the lathe and we apply the usual treatment involving several coats of sealer, lacquer, and carnauba wax.


 We think you will find the new V bowls beautiful and compelling.




All bowls are best appreciated using a hands-on approach.


 We encourage you to make an appointment to stop by the studio to see current inventory.

No drop-ins please.






 Hard Rock Maple with Padauk and veneer layers



















  Hard Rock Maple with Goncalo alves

    and green veneer layers


















 Hard Rock Maple with Purple Heart layers













Jatoba with green/white layers
















Walnut with maple and padauk layers














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