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                      "Spot-On"  Serving Boards


  Our newest hardwood Serving Boards feature plugs of various colored woods inlayed flush with the surface of the Boards.

  They look like random spots of color - some overlapping, some in groups. I inlay wood strips of contrasting color on some Boards to add visual interest.

I like to think that the boards are "spot-on".


  "Spot-On" in the choices of hardwood species and grain pattern, in the spot coloring, in the inlay strips, and in the groupings.


 These handmade boards are truly unique and part of my newest Serving Board series I call 


                                                     “Spot-On”  Serving Boards



   Feel free to ontact me if you would like to commission a custom Spot-On Board.  

 I also can collaborate on your concept or design a one-of-a-kind  Board for you.




Curly Maple with various hardwood plugs


11" x 14"











We currently have 2 more of these Curly Maple Boards with similar patterns and groupings 


Walnut with inlayed Ebony strips and various hardwood plugs


13" x18"
















 We currently have one more of these walnut Boards with similar patterns and groupings 



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