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                      Garden and Patio Frames

These frames can be placed indoors or outdoors.  They are each handcrafted of California redwood, Southern cypress, or teak and fitted with suspended custom fabricated art glass pieces. Teak frames are special order based on availability of Teak and have a 3 month lead time.


  The redwood frames are sanded, stained, and then soaked in 3 coats of Brazilian Rosewood oil that deeply penetrates to protect against moisture. The cypress frames are sanded and then soaked in 2 coats of Tung oil.  Teak frames are sanded and finished with a single coat of Teak Oil.  

  All 3 of these woods are insect resistent and weather very well.  Teak will weather to a beautiful grey color if left untreated.  If you wish to bring back the original teak color you can lightly sand the frame with 220 grit sandpaper and apply Teak Oil.


  Frames are 30" tall and 16" wide at the top. They come with 2 metal rods which you insert into the legs.  Then push the frame into the earth keeping it at least 1 inch from the soil level. 


  Your new frame can be placed in your garden, stood on your patio, or suspended from above either outdoors or inside your home


  All exposed hardware is either solid brass or stainless steel for many years of service.


  Custom Garden/Patio frames are available and are priced individually based upon the type and size of the glass pendants.




  Redwood Garden Frame with glass panel









  Glass panel detail

  Glass size is 4" x 12"




























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